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TechTools Vintage Bicycle Clock

When it comes to keeping the time, many people opt to simply rely upon the digital clocks found on their cellphones or computers.

Where clocks were once every bit as useful for telling time as they were a nice piece of decor on the walls, they have since fallen to the wayside in both regards.

With the Vintage Metal Bicycle Clock, you can breathe new life into the potential that clocks have to decorate your space.

This unique clock takes on the shape of a traditional bicycle and uses its shape as the frame of the clock

The Vintage Metal Bicycle Clock is not only traditionally inspired in the way that the bike looks, but is also finished with intentional scrapes to offer an even more vintage look.

life-sized bike, and it is responsible for keeping this clock upright.

The clock measures a total size of 19 inches by 13 inches by 3.5 inches in size, making it an eye-catching accessory in any office or on the mantel.

The bike comes with more realistic parts outside as well. The Vintage Metal Bicycle Clock features a seat, pedals, handlebar, fenders, and a chain. Both of the wheels are stationary, and the clock is cleverly placed inside of the front wheel for a unique touch. The dial features black numerals atop a clean white background that makes it easy for you to read the time. A reliable quartz movement keeps time using a single AA battery.

Decorate your space with the stylish and functional Vintage Metal Bicycle Clock by ordering yours today.


Vintage Bicycle Clock Design wall display


  • KEEP THE TIME IN VINTAGE STYLE This timeless black bike clock is crafted with finish scrapes in an effort to give it an antiqued appearance that will fit easily into your vintage decor
  • wholes for EASY DISPLAY Place the bike clock on any wall
  • RUNS ON A SINGLE BATTERY The movement is powered by a single AA battery that will last for many hours before needing a change


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