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Everybody has their inner child so why not showing it with our Fresh Smile cellulose air freshener? As somebody once said: ?With great aroma comes great enjoyment? so smile is only natural. Thanks to nanotechnology solutions composition evaporates gradually, releasing the fragrance slower and longer.

WHAT MAKES our cellulose air fresheners unique ?

Fragrance: best choice of pure aroma made as fragrance blend ? mixture of Natural and Synthetic Fragrances. It?s the best way to create symphony of scents. That?s the place where artists are. First well know Fragrance blend was created by Coco Chanel in 1920?s ?A woman?s perfume with the scent of a woman? would not have been possible without synthetic aldehydes. Fragrance blend is used in fine fragrances, good home air fresheners, some of car air fresheners. You can find more about fragrances:

Cellulose (beermat) is eco-friendly and comes from recycling. It makes it friendly to your health. Produced is manufactured in compliance with strict environmental protection standards. The raw material is FSC-certified. Moreover it is cellulose material with high absorbing abilities.

Paints: our printing inks are based on natural vegetable oils, do not contain cobalt in their recipe and meet the recommendations of the European Waste Paper Board (ERPC). Pigments with the highest transparency and purity ensure compliance with the requirements of DIN ISO 2846-1 and 12647-2. Colors in accordance with DIN ISO 2846-1 / 12647-2.

Header/label: wood free paper, repeatedly and coated on both sides, with a highly glossy surface. The raw material is FSC-certified and PEFC-certified, which ensures care for ecology and responsible forest management. Approved for contact with food.

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